It’s Alive! Frankenstein Sweater for your little monster

It is that time of year again folks, where I dust off my spooky imagination and get to have some really silly fun in the name of being ‘seasonal’.

Over the years I have designed a number of Halloween collections for Simply Knitting magazine, but this year it is just one project….

frankenstein sweater halloween jane burns knit

Frankenstein Sweater (isn’t this young man just the coolest model ever?)

This super cute drop shoulder sweater is not only for Halloween, I am sure your little monster will want to wear this sweater well beyond the scary season.

Those of you who are not new to my work, will know that I like my designs to be playful, yet simple to achieve. There are charts for the hair and eyes, which are worked using the intarsia method.  But fear not, you could easily work these using duplicate stitch (or swiss darning), which would produce a great 3D effect for the features. The mouth and tongue are worked separately and sewn on the front at the end.

The pattern is written for chest sizes 53 – 76 cm (that is approx. 12 months to 11 years).

Skills needed:

  • k2tog
  • ssk
  • ribbing
  • picking up stitches
  • mattress stitch
  • swiss darning or intarsia
  • crochet chain or I-cord

Kit needed:

  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn in (black, bright green and violet)
  • Oddment of red 4ply yarn
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • darning needle
  • 2.5mm needles
  • 3.25mm needles
  • 4mm needles

You can find the pattern for this sweater inside issue 138 of Simply Knitting Magazine.

SK Cover Frankenstein Jumper Jane Burns crop

socktober promo jane burns discount


Still looking for more spooky inspiration, take a look at my Ravelry store,  if you are quick I am running a special offer.  Use the code ‘Socktober’ at the checkout and you will receive a 30% discount on all my patterns!  Happy Knitting, Jane x






When mittens are both knitted and crocheted – knittens.

granny square knittens jane burns editlr

Granny squares make up the body of the knittens and a simple rib is picked up and worked around the top and bottom of the squares to finish them off.  Simple 🙂

granny square knittens jane burns editlr

You can find this pattern inside issue 133 of Simply Knitting magazine, have fun with your knittens 🙂

Aye Aye Cap'N, Perfect Pirate outfit for Baby

Well hello there me hearties,

I remember how difficult is was when my boys were small and we were invited to fancy dress party.  I wish I had thought of this back then!

pirate outfit knit jane burns

This two piece set, has some cute knitted pants with the pirate patch on the bottom and a co-ordinating beanie hat with faux eye patch….


pirate outfit knit jane burns

Back detail


pirate outfit knit jane burns

Front detail

You can find the pattern for this little outfit inside issue 133 of Simply Knitting magazine.  Happy Knitting,  Jane x

Home Sweet Home, knitted bunting

Hellooooo, welcome back

Today on the blog, I have some knitted bunting which would make a really great house warming gift.

home sweet home knit bunting jane burns

I think this is an excellent travel project (for those of you who are still planning your holiday knitting).  The individual houses are really portable and quick to knit.

home sweet home knit bunting jane burns

The lettering is worked using either lengths of crochet chain or knitted I-cord which is sewn on using the template which is included.  Why not mix it up a bit and put names on the bunting?  You can find the pattern for this bunting inside issue 133 of Simply Knitting magazine.  Happy Knitting,  Jane x


Squeaky Clean Bath time Fun

Bath time will be so much more fun with this cute pair of knitted wash mittens.

animal wash mitt knit jane burns knitlr


Featured in issue 135 of Simply Knitting magazine, these two were knitted using Rico Design, Essential Cotton DK.  The yarn really did a great job of keeping its shape when wet and they will wash nicely in the washing machine.

animal wash mitt knit jane burns knitlr

I am sure you could adapt the pattern to make other bath time pals, I would love to see what you come up with.

Happy Knitting,  Jane x


Mini Robot Sweater

I love my job, I may have said this before?  I love when a design that is in my head works just as well as I hoped it would.

This robot sweater is one of those designs,  it knitted up a treat and my model, well he is just so handsome.


The pattern is written for sizes 3 years – 5 years (I do have plans to re-launch this pattern in a couple months time, with a girls version and more sizes).  You can find the pattern for this inside Simply Knitting magazine issue 129.

I have had the pleasure of having this little guy model for me before and I am currently working away on my next design for him.  He is growing so fast I am having to knit larger and larger sizes!

robot jumper knit jane burns

robot jumper knit jane burns

I would love to hear from you, if you have any design inspiration for sweaters for little people that fun?  Please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do 🙂

Also featured in Issue 129 were these cute little knitted rings.

knitted rings jane burns

knitted rings jane burns

Dip Dye Denim Knitted Denim Satchel

Dip Dye Denim Satchel, is probably not something you would want to have to say quickly.

I designed this rather dapper (even if I do say so myself) satchel for issue 134 of Simply Knitting magazine.

dip dye denim satchel knit jane burns


The bag is worked in panels using the stranded colour work (Fair Isle) technique.

dip dye denim satchel knit jane burns

Happy Knitting, Jane x


Robot Bib, how can you resist?


For today’s show and tell, I present…..

robot bib jane burns knit

My robot bib, design for issue 134 of Simply Knitting magazine.  This bib has a intarsia robot (you could cheat and swiss darn).  It also has some I-cord ties to keep the bib safely in place.

The bib is worked in King Cole Bamboo cotton, so it is absorbent and will wash really well 🙂

robot bib jane burns knit

I would love to see pictures of your little cuties in their robot bib, especially if you make a pink one.  Happy Knitting, Jane x


My Ass on the front cover of Simply Knitting magazine

How could I not run with that headline?


I had great fun designing for issue 132 of Simply Knitting magazine, as you can see there is a cute donkey purse on the cover,  it is mine 🙂  I love this little fella!

knitted donkey purse jane burns


knitted donkey purse jane burns

There was also a cover mount kit with all you need to make a flower corsage, there were a couple of different flowers to choose from.   Happy Knitting, Jane x

knitted corsage flower jane burns

The Big Apple, Knitted Cushion

Well hello there!

Have you been away on your summer holidays yet?  Did any of you manage to get to the Big Apple?  Or are you looking to make a cushion, a fun one?  Or a perhaps you’re looking for perfect gift for the World’s Best Teacher?

big apple knit cushion jane burns



Or you just like apples?  You can find the pattern for my giant apple cushion inside issue 130 of Simply Knitting magazine,  Happy Knitting, Jane x