PONY Slick Interchangeable Circulars, how slick are they?

Pony, Slick Interchangeable Circular Needle Set Review

My name is Jane and I am a self-confessed knitting needle snob. During my knitting journey I have test driven LOTS of knitting needles. I have learned that I like slick, light weight needles that are not too sharp. Something else you should know, I LOVE interchangeable needles and knit almost exclusively on circular needles.

PONY Slick interchangeable circular needles

So when PONY reached out and asked if I would like to review their Slick Interchangeable Knitting needles set, they had me at slick. I have had these needles for 6 weeks now and have been happily knitting away with them, I feel at this point I have given them a decent test drive.

Let’s take a look at PONY’s blurb and I will give you my honest thoughts. Full disclosure, I have been gifted these needles for review (I have not been paid).

Flex Needles

Flex needles are a cross between straight needles and circular needles, consisting of knitting needles with a flexible cord and stopper so that you can rest your work in your lap. The SLICK set enables you to make your own Flex needles using the beautiful brass knobs. Simply screw the knob onto the end of the cable and the needle turns into a flex needle in an instant.

The needle size is engraved discretely on the needle shank, like exquisite jewellery, and the polished finish assures that the stitches glide smoothly on both needle and cable.”


I routinely knit with light weight, hollow stainless steel circular needles. I was pleasantly surprised that although these needles are not hollow (great for those of us who are a little accident prone), they are reasonably light. The needle feels balanced and smooth in the hand. If like me you have hands the size of shovels, you are going to love the length (14 cm /5.5 in) of these tips. I find longer needles so much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

The needle tip is rounded, and I can happily use my index finger to push my stitches along without doing myself a mischief. Yet they are not too round, there was no splitting yarn at all whilst using these.

Each size is colour coded (great for not having to find my glasses to check). But they also have the size engraved on the shaft and I have to say they have done a great job of keeping it smooth!




PONY Slick interchangeable circular needles

“The superior snag-free patented GLYDON joint along with the precision engineered screw mechanism provides a smooth transition onto the gently tapered needles. The PONY Patent Glydon is the unique connection between needle and cable ensures an ultra-smooth and snag-free knitting experience. The patented GLYDON joint gives PONY circulars their special look and makes them outstanding in quality.

The PONY high precision screw thread mechanism connects the shank to the extremely soft cable in one simple clockwise twist to form a tight and smooth joint. You don’t need any extra tools.”


The Glydon Joint is possibly my favourite join EVER on interchangeable needles. Simply screw the tip onto the cable and you are done! No tools, no tightening and they stay connected! The join is as smooth as they claim and in my opinion lives up to its name.

The cables themselves are just OK, they do the job, they do not curl up or ping back but they are just a little too stiff for my liking. I have so say that is just my preference. You get 3 sizes in the pack (two of each), which is great for flexibility. You also receive a set of stoppers, so if you need to put a project to one side and use those tips, simply remove the tips and attach the stoppers.



Smart Box

PONY Slick interchangeable circular needles

“The set comes in a smart compact box so you can store all the components neatly and find your needle size at a glance. It is perfect for travelling and for keeping everything safe and protected whilst not in use – PONY have thought of everything!”


The Box is a great concept, but sadly this is where I think the product falls short. I like the clever design, the top of the pack is a needle gauge (great idea). The cables and stoppers are stored just below and it is a bit of squeeze to get the cables back in once they have been used. But I am so disappointed in the packaging, it is plastic and not only that, it feels cheap and brittle. I believe that the original RRP for this set was £99 which I felt was massively overpriced.  A quick google today and I can see that you can now purchase these for around £55 and at that price if you can forgive the packaging, I highly recommend you give these needles a whirl. They are perfect for throwing in your luggage when travelling!

The Set includes

  • 9 pairs of interchangeable circulars in sizes in 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 and 7 mm
  • 6 cables in lengths 60, 80 & 120 cm
  • 2 stoppers for flexible knitting
  • Storage with built-in needle gauge


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New KnitPro Zing Needles Review

Zing Fixed Circular Needle Review.Zing Logo (4)

Disclaimer: Whilst I was provided with this product free of charge to review, these are my open and honest opinions. I receive no commission from the links below.

Knitting needles are a thing of personal preference, some of us like the super slickness of stainless steel with its go faster stripes and others long for the grip of bamboo and it’s training wheel security.

Personally I am a stainless steel devotee, in my early knitting days I spent many happy hours knitting away with my bamboo needles until a k5tog manoeuvre snapped the tip of my favourite pair!

I have tried many needles over the years and I have to say I am a Hiya Hiya stainless steel devotee (naturally Addi Turbos, being a great second choice). So when I was asked if I would like to review the new Zing fixed circular needles from KnitPro, curiosity got the better of me.

knitpro zing needle review jane burns

Hiya Hiya – Zing – Addi

The Tips

Zings have a shorter taper from shaft to the point than Hiya Hiya and Addi needles, but the sharpness is comparable. I do not like the sharp (or lace) versions of the other brands. The tips of the Zings are sharp enough to work that bamboo snapping k5tog, but not so sharp as to poke holes in your index finger, if like me you tend to push down on your tips as you knit.

My initial concern with the Zings was about the join where the tip meets the shaft. I have previously tried the Karbonz, and I did find my yarn snagged at that point. The Zings however, allow the yarn to glide over effortlessly.

The Shaft

The coating on the shaft has a slightly satin finish to it, reminiscent of the Chiagoo needles. I found this slowed me down just enough to enjoy the Zen like rhythm of knitting, and it produced a beautiful even fabric. I have a tendency to loosen my tension as I work to the end of a knit row, nothing blocking doesn’t cure, but I did find knitting with the Zings almost eliminated this.

What about the cord join? How did I know you were going to ask me that?

Well, it’s Addi Turbo quality, although not quite Hiya Hiya excellence. I love the cord! It is a fixed cord, without a swivel join. It did not fight with me as I worked back and forth on a flat fabric. No kinking or twisting, and I felt it supported the weight of the fabric nicely.

I highly recommend giving Zing fixed circulars a try, they are light weight, warm to the touch and come in a great range of sizes (with each size across the range having its own pretty colour) so I am sure many of you will be drawn to the ‘pretties’. Zings would make a great transition from bamboo needles. I am looking forward to trying the Zing DPNs, if any of you have tried them, what did you think?

knitpro zing needle review jane burns

Zing – Addi – Hiya Hiya

If you would like to know about the sizes available, this link will provide all that information.

You can find your nearest stockist here.





Daily Fibre – Langdale by Eden Cottage Yarns

Sometimes I get to work with some truly beautiful yarns and today is one of those days.  Today I am working with Langdale Superwash Aran from Eden Cottage Yarns.


eden cottage yarns langdale

  Colorway – Damson

Langdale is a hand dyed superwash 100% merino aran.  Langdale aran (named after the Langdales in the Lake District), is a fantastic all-round machine washable pure merino yarn. It comprises of three plies, to make it smooth and soft whilst retaining a bouncy and hard wearing quality. The lovely Victoria from ECY tells me the yarn gets gradually softer with washing.  Being a machine washable yarn it is going to be ideal for garments, especially those which are for children or gifts! 

The knitty gritty;
100% superwash merino
4.5 – 5.5mm needles

The beautiful deep tones and subtle variegation in this yarn are not done justice by my photo,  the yarn is soft to touch and has a great bouncy to it.  I can’t say yet what it is going to be, but watch this space.