Say I love you mostest, with my Free Love Heart Knitting Pattern

When I was asked by Sarah at Let’s Knit to design a hanging heart for the magazine I jumped at the chance.  I am as some of you will know a hopeless romantic.  I wanted to make something a little bit special for Doug to say thank you for everything he does to support me in this crazy job I have.

Thank you Doug for….

  • the endless cups of tea
  • the blog posts when I am too busy or tired to write
  • the tech support
  • the school runs
  • the sitting around in yarn shops
  • your honest opinion

But really what I want to say is, Thank you so very much for being mine xxxxxxxxx


For those of you have not yet reached for the sick bowl,  here is the pattern.

‘I Love You Mostest’, Knitted Heart Pattern

jane burns love heart knitted










You will need:

  • 25g of red DK weight yarn
  • 10g of white DK weight yarn
  • 10g of pink DK weight yarn
  • 4mm needles
  • Two 4mm DPN’s (for I-cord)
  • Toy stuffing
  • 40cm garden wire
  • Black felt


Finished size:

12cm tall x 13 wide


Heart – make two pieces

Using red yarn and 4mm needles, cast on one st

Row 1: knit in to front, back and front [three sts]

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k1, m1, knit to last st, m1, k1 [five sts]

Row 4: purl

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until you have 27 sts ending after a WS row

Top shaping:

Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl

Row 3: knit

Row 4: p13 turn

Work on these sts only as follows:

Next row: sl 1, k1, psso, knit to last three sts, k2tog, k1. [11 sts]

Next row: purl

Rep last two rows until five sts rem, ending after a WS row

Cast off

With WS facing, rejoin red yarn to rem 14 sts, work on these sts only as follows:

Next row: cast off one st pwise, purl to end [13 sts]

Next row: k1, sl 1, k1, psso, knit to last three sts, k2tog, k1. [11 sts]

Next row: purl

Rep last two rows until five sts rem, ending after a WS row

Cast off


To make up:

With WS facing, sew edges of two heart pieces together, stuffing as you go. Make a hanging loop by plaiting together strands of yarn, or working a crochet chain.

Embroider initials using straight stitches and white yarn.

Using 4mm DPN’s and pink yarn make two i-cords, one 5cm long and one 3cm long. Stitch 5cm i-cord to bottom left of heart and 3cm i-cord to top right of heart. Using photo as a guide. Cut one triangle and two ‘V’ shapes out of black felt and stitch in place on i-cords to make an arrow. Double over garden wire and push through centre of bottom, i-cord through heart and centre of top i-cord. Trim wire as necessary.


Download my Knitted Remembrance Poppy Brooch pattern for free

Raise money for the Royal British Legion by knitting my Poppy Brooches and selling them.

Mark the centenary of the First World War by knitting this simple poppy pattern using DK yarn from your stash. The pattern is so easy, even beginner knitters will be able to master it in no time.  Download the pattern for free here

Remembrance Poppy Brooch pattern jane burns knitted

What to learn more about supporting the Royal British Legion here

Friday Freebie crochet pattern for your sneaker makeover – Violet

We have come to the last of our crochet flowers (well for now).  But what better way to end than with Violet.  Named after my wonderful Nan, my woolly inspiration, my how to be the nicest person you can be role model and bestest person ever!


converse-style-crochet-flower-tutorial violet.fw jane burns

converse-style-crochet-flower-tutorial violet finished.fw jane burns

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Friday Freebie, meet Tiny Tina, crochet pattern for your sneaker makeover

How are you this fine Friday?

This weeks Friday treat is Tiny Tina,  she is super cute, but better still sooooooooo fast to make.  Tiny Tina also makes great hairclips.  Can you suggest anything else we could use Tiny Tina for?

Tiny Tina

converse-style-crochet-flower-tutorial jane burns

converse-style-crochet-flower-tutorial tiny tina finished.fw jane burns

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Bear Necessities Crochet Pattern for Clip on Bear Ears

Katie came home from school last week and announced, “I NEED a bear costume,  not a full on proper bear costume, but STUFF!”  Those of you with knowledge of ten year olds will know that the word STUFF is inserted into every sentence regardless of the context.  Anyway, after much questioning I discovered what she actually required was some bear like features for the part she is playing in a performance this week.

So I sat down with my hook and yarn very late Monday night determined to create a pair of clip on bear ears and this is what I made….

crochet bear ears clip jane burns

go down to the woods today

The ears are actually very simple to make, you could change the colours and make polar bear ears etc.   I am sharing my pattern with you so that you too can produce animal ears at very short notice. (instructions are written in UK Crochet terms)
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Smiley Emoticon Coaster – free crochet pattern to brighten your day

Some days you just need a smile!

Today I needed a little ray of sunshine to lift my spirits,  after a week of being poorly life is feeling a little less than it’s usual sunny self.  Nurse Katie and Doctor Doug have done a fantastic job of looking after me,  The tea supply has been plentiful,  the pillows expertly fluffed,  the tissues and hugs have been top quality.   I thought a little colour therapy might help my mood,  this little fella inspired by the ‘Smiley’ emoticon has worked a treat!

Worked in DK yarn using a 4mm hook, it worked up super quick,  fancy one for yourself?  Scroll down for the pattern 🙂

don't worry be happy coaster

Just add tea and biscuits!

Need a little smiley sunshine? here is how to get it:

You will need:

4mm crochet hook

yellow DK yarn

black DK yarn

darning needle

30 minutes

Get hookin……


Using 4mm hook make a magic ring:

Foundation round: using yellow yarn, 6dc into ring

Work in a spiral throughout, pm to mark beg of round, move on each round.

Round 1: 2dc in each dc to end [12sts]

Round 2: (1dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [18sts]

Round 3: (2dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [24sts]

Round 4: (3dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [30sts]

Round 5: (4dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [36sts]

Round 6: (5dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [42sts]

Round 7: (6dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [48sts]

Round 8: (7dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [54sts]

Round 9: (8dc, 2dc in next dc) to end [60sts]

Fasten off


Foundation round: using black yarn, 6dc into ring

Work in a spiral throughout, pm to mark beg of round, move on each round.

Round 1: 2dc in each dc to end [12sts]


Using black yarn, dc into each dc around edge, fasten off.


Using black yarn, chain stitch or surface crochet smile using picture as a guide. New to surface crochet? check out this video.

To finish:

Sew on eyes, darn in ends, make a cuppa!

I hope this little fella brings you some cheer,  I think he would make a great gift,  try changing the features or the colour.  Why not add a moustache for ‘Movember’?  I would LOVE to see pics of your finished coasters on my facebook page

What the Butler Saw.. Knitted Maid

I have just published another free pattern on Ravelry.  Inspired by my trip to the cinema in the summer to see Despicable Me 2.  Which was possibly the funniest film I have seen in a number of years! (I laughed more than most of the children, not sure what that says about me).

After working my way through the amazing blog tutorial by ‘All about Ami’  I made a crochet minion and adapted it to make a French maids outfit, including frilly pants.  This inspired me to make a mini knitted version.

vintage pose

laying down pose

climbing candle pose

frilly pants

Check out those frilly bloomers!


Me and my mate

Situations Vacant – New house elves needed!

I went to bed last night leaving a couple of piles of knitted pieces that required sewing up.  I once read a book about a crafts person,  who would spend their days cutting out pattern pieces and leaving them out at night.  They got up in the morning to find perfectly stitched shoes and clothes.  Now,  I spent a long time yesterday knitting tiny pieces for two separate projects.  I went to bed at ridiculous o’clock, sure that I had been a very productive girl and that my efforts would be rewarded with some nocturnal assistance.

I woke to these!

stack of triangles

and these….

body parts

Apologies,  I am a bad blogger!  I forgot to take the second picture before I did some of the knitting,  but you get the idea.  The last picture is a glimpse at my next free pattern, can you guess what it is?  First person to comment with the correct answer will receive a copy of the pattern via email before it goes up for general release AND I will name the pattern after them.  (Watch the blog to see if you are the winner).

So my house elves have been sacked!  I left them a note:

Youre Fired

101 year old Crochet Book, take a look inside…

I love to scour the shelves of those really old book shops in search of rare and interesting knitting and crochet books.  This weekend I found a beauty!  It is not in wonderful condition but that ‘lived in look’ adds to its charm.   This edition was published in 1912 and is now officially the oldest item in my house!


The crochet is exquisite and the photography is admiral considering the date.  But what had me totally enthralled is the advertisements!  Which I just had to share with you.




Fancy a look through the book?  I have managed to find a PDF version which you can download for FREE!  The Antique Pattern Library provides scans of craft books that are now in the public domain, they have an impressive selection of beautiful old titles. Be prepared to lose yourself there!

Meet Crochet Dave – free download

disco dave

“Disco Dave started life as a knitted monster designed for  Let’s Knit Magazine, (can you see him lurking in the background?)  I felt he needed a crochet buddy so I hooked up a friend!

Dave is worked using the amigurumi principle,  using only double crochet (UK terminology) and working in a continuous spiral.  He is a perfect beginners amigurumi project.  There are a couple of really great video links in the pattern if you need some help getting started.

My patterns will be available shortly via a link on my blog and on my website, but for now you can download via ravelry-logo-81r

Please have some fun and personalise your Monster,  post pics on Ravelry so we can all enjoy them!

Happy hooking!”  Jane x