Sparkle Christmas Tree Socks


Fancy some festive socks? You have found some. My passion for beading continues with these fabulous beaded socks with a lace Christmas Tree motif. The Beads delicately highlight the pretty tree pattern that’s knitted into the fabric, and their metallic shade beautifully complements the rich red yarn with the golden sparkles in it.

The beads are applied with my favourite bead knitting method using a crochet hook, instructions are included with the pattern.

Of course if you are not a fan of beading these socks will look just as cute without the beads.

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Additional information


Old Maiden Aunt, 4ply sock yarn (75% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon, 5% stalling, 100g/366m) One skein in Lip Gloss


0.75mm Crochet hook (for beading), 2.5mm double pointed needles


four sizes to fit foot circumference 21 (23, 25.5, 27.5) cm

Skills Used

Bead (see instructions included in the pattern), k2tog – knit next two sts together to decrease one stitch yo – yarn over, ktbl – knit next st through back loop, twisting stitch, sl 1 – slip next stitch purl wise, ssk – slip 1, slip 1, knit these two slipped sts together to decrease one stitch

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