Crochet in Progress and the tortoise in crochet, well it is Wednesday!

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Instant Gratification

Despite having to sack my house elves this week, I have managed some me time this week. I wanted to make something that would grow quickly, not take too much brain power and would look cool with my autumn wardrobe.

A quick look on Ravelry resulted in this beautiful find, the Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel. It is working up really nicely. I am using Zauberball sock yarn and a 4mm crochet hook the pattern is very intuitive. Why not have a go yourself, Anastacia has very generously offered it as a free pattern. I would love to see your finished shawls, why not post a picture on my Facebook page.

In other news

Tonight is the launch of my new knitting, crochet and sewing group. I am really looking forward to meeting all my new crafty friends. We are pretty much full for tonight’s group, but there are places still available for future meetings, follow the link for further details and booking information.

Katie’s cute and funny picture for this week is in keeping with crochet theme……


Enjoy the rest of your week fellow hookers and stabbers.

Jane x

Situations Vacant – New house elves needed!

I went to bed last night leaving a couple of piles of knitted pieces that required sewing up.  I once read a book about a crafts person,  who would spend their days cutting out pattern pieces and leaving them out at night.  They got up in the morning to find perfectly stitched shoes and clothes.  Now,  I spent a long time yesterday knitting tiny pieces for two separate projects.  I went to bed at ridiculous o’clock, sure that I had been a very productive girl and that my efforts would be rewarded with some nocturnal assistance.

I woke to these!

stack of triangles

and these….

body parts

Apologies,  I am a bad blogger!  I forgot to take the second picture before I did some of the knitting,  but you get the idea.  The last picture is a glimpse at my next free pattern, can you guess what it is?  First person to comment with the correct answer will receive a copy of the pattern via email before it goes up for general release AND I will name the pattern after them.  (Watch the blog to see if you are the winner).

So my house elves have been sacked!  I left them a note:

Youre Fired

The dreaded 'R' word and New Adventures in the Knittyverse

Summer holidays have flown past,  it seems like we have only been away from school for two weeks,  but then I look back and think of all that we as a family have done this past six weeks and wow,  what a lot we have packed in.  Katie has grown,  I know that having that special 10th birthday and being ‘double digits’ as she tells me, is quite the milestone,  but she has shot up!  The birthday fairy seems to have given her an appetite for sewing.  I am sad that knitting is not her passion,  but she is young,  there is plenty of time for me to show her the error of her ways.

From a Knitting Image perspective the past six weeks have seen the blog and twitter up and running.  My first pattern independently launched,  thank you to all those of you who have downloaded Disco Dave, I am looking forward to seeing your little monsters appearing on Ravelry.  I have organised a new knitting and crochet group here in Southend on Sea, which I will tell you more about soon, but in the meantime you can check it out here.

A massive 18 patterns have been written and samples knitted.  A number of the designs have tutorial blog posts to accompany them on release.   I think I need a holiday 🙂

The new term means having to contemplate that dreaded word beginning with ‘R’, the word that offends me more than swearing, more than socks with flip flops…. Routine.  I am going to have to cut back on knitting until 3am and sleeping past midday.  I think perhaps I should have considered ‘Night Knitter’ as name of my blog.   My plan for the new term is to work on publishing more of my designs independently.   I have had a lot of emails asking for the ‘Bones’ pattern.  Good new this will soon be available on Ravelry and Craftsy to download.   update: now available to download


Seduced by Yarn

Seduced by Yarn

A little yarn porn for you all,  look what arrived in the post today, Cascade 220.  I can’t wait to get my needles stuck into this selection of loveliness.  But I MUST resist,  still have a few projects to complete before … Continue reading

WTF, what next?

Sometimes, just sometimes I take things a little too personally. I have been working on a large project for a magazine. Chunky yarn and a lot of stitches (by chunky knit standards). Picture this….182sts on my needles, I have worked 54 heavy going rows when things suddenly felt very light!


The cable had come away from the locking mechanism.

I thought at first it had come unscrewed, but no, a clean break! I sat for a while perfectly still, as the weight of the project pulled lots of stitches into my lap, unravelling as they went, me chanting ‘oh no, Oh No, OH NO!********** What next?’

Thank goodness for lifelines, see previous post Bleedin’ yarn.

*********** for the purposes of decency, let’s just say what followed wasn’t, gosh, darn this, one is mildly irate.