Crochet in Progress and the tortoise in crochet, well it is Wednesday!

Ready for your weekly dose of wacky, wild and whimsical Wednesdayness?


Instant Gratification

Despite having to sack my house elves this week, I have managed some me time this week. I wanted to make something that would grow quickly, not take too much brain power and would look cool with my autumn wardrobe.

A quick look on Ravelry resulted in this beautiful find, the Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel. It is working up really nicely. I am using Zauberball sock yarn and a 4mm crochet hook the pattern is very intuitive. Why not have a go yourself, Anastacia has very generously offered it as a free pattern. I would love to see your finished shawls, why not post a picture on my Facebook page.

In other news

Tonight is the launch of my new knitting, crochet and sewing group. I am really looking forward to meeting all my new crafty friends. We are pretty much full for tonight’s group, but there are places still available for future meetings, follow the link for further details and booking information.

Katie’s cute and funny picture for this week is in keeping with crochet theme……


Enjoy the rest of your week fellow hookers and stabbers.

Jane x

Fibre Factor Challenge 4

It’s Wednesday again, time for some Wacky, Whimsical and Wonderful Wednesdayness?

This week I am starting with ‘what I like to call news’ (A little Miranda Hart humour for you there). Challenge 4 of the Fibre Factor is well underway, for those of you now scratching your heads, shame on you! Great to see Cat Bordhi and Lucy Neatby on the judging panel. Cat Bordhi always makes me laugh, check out her youtube video for Judy Becker’s Magic Cast on . This is so funny, and of course informative, but Cat has a style all of her own… I love her. Lucy Neatby taught me to knit socks, well kind of, not in person but via DVD. Lucy is an excellent teacher and I am looking forward to hearing her comments on the designs this round.

I settled down to read about challenge number 4 and I nearly choked! Knitting machine… KNITTING MACHINE?! This is where I started to read a bit too quickly and made one or two wrong assumptions [Doug say’s I do this a lot, what does he know? okay, guilty as charged]. My mind had gone off, outraged that these poor contestants had had thrust at them a flatbed knitting machine and given two weeks to master it and design and produce a garment, no accessories allowed. What’s this about a knitting machine? Now I am quite an open minded kinda girl, don’t blush at much. I’m all for the combining of crafts and techniques, that is all the trend at the moment, the uniting of knitting and crochet for instance. I do both, I am bicraftual. BUT, knitting machines, I have dabbled, but thrusting a knitting machine at the contestants and asking for a garment designed using hand knit and machine knit, that’s cruelty.

So I made a cuppa, chilled a bit and read some more…. Oh ok, it’s not one of the clunky old flatbed machines, it’s an Addi King Size Express Knitting Machine. I have had a quick look at some of the demo video’s and I could see myself getting carried away playing with one of these. I could knit flat, or in the round, no need for special, waxed machine yarn, no fancy casting off methods to learn…. Uh oh I am getting sucked into the world of possibilities. Check out the progress videos that the contestants have posted, what would you do with that challenge?

What has had me laughing this week, has to be Franklin Habit. I am confident that every single one of you knows Franklin and that you probably follow his blog, it is beautiful, funny and heart warming. But do you follow him on twitter? This week his tweets have been of a somewhat erm, ‘saucy’ nature.

So tweet of the week goes to @FranklinHabit

“When pattern writing, it’s “buttonholes, “not “buttholes, ” Obviously my mind is on weekend, not work.”

Finally, Katie found this and wanted to share with you all


Wacky, Whimsical & Wonderful Wednesdays

Hello, how are you all doing this mid week? I have had a very productive week so far, plenty of knitting completed resulting in a sizeable dent in my to do list. Looking like I might make my mid September deadline 🙂 I have also been busy putting together mini tutorials to accompany some of my up coming designs. Page space is always a premium in the magazines and in an ideal world it would be great to be able to give more detail about how you achieve a certain technique, especially in these exciting times when so many designs span more than one craft. You will see ‘how to’s’ appearing in my blog as the designs are published in the magazines, I would be really interested to get your feedback.

‘Wacky, whimsical & wonderful Wednesday’s’, thought I would keep the title simple! what’s that about? Well, I think I have a bad case of hyperactive hands! They just have to be doing something; when nothing is provided for them to do, they make me eat biscuits! As you can imagine most of the time I have needles or a hook in my hands, but the rest of the time I have an addiction to my iPad. My iPad is my ‘other stuff’ enabler, I love reading blogs, checking out the cute, the funny and learning new stuff! I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have enjoyed during my week, be it funny, cute, newsworthy or inspiring. I will do my best to credit the original source and post links, so you can visit the sites and give praise where it is due.

Feel free to send me a link in the comments, to anything I have missed this week and I will share what I can next Wacky, Whimsical & Wonderful Wednesday (too much?).

First up this week has to be this, stroke of genius. Once I got past the, ‘how could you do that to your hard work’, I thought fair play you are blocking and that took some ingenuity.

‘How a college student blocks knitting’.

Next came this… don’t know about you but my initial reaction was awwww, swiftly followed by, ‘what kind of mind thinks of these things?’

What’s the point of having turtles if you don’t have a little fun with them?

News worthy….  For those of you who have been following Design Wars 4,  you will be pleased to know that most of the patterns are now available to download.  My hyperactive hands have been itching to get stuck into making the ‘Dancing Hearts Wrap by Marinke Slump, aka Winkieflash.

Dancing Hearts Wrap final_shot-5_medium2

Please check out Wink’s website and blog, A creative being, all things crochet by Winkieflash.  I am a big fan of Wink’s designs particularly her collection of Mandalas she has created for Simply Crochet Magazine.  Something about the colour palette Wink uses, that just screams ‘eat me’.

Enjoy the rest of your week,
Jane x