Final Few Hours to snap up your copy of Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks

I hope you are enjoying your ‘Lazy Sunday’? What have you been busy doing this weekend? I have been busy making sure that I have everything in place ready to ship out and ‘beam out’ all the copies of ‘Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks’ that have been ordered over the past few days.

I wanted to remind you that the pre-order closes at Midnight tonight (Sunday 17th April), so if you want to guarantee you get your hands on a copy at the launch, please pre-order a copy.


Pre-order your hard copy book and you will also receive a FREE eBook download copy for only £11.50

Buy Hard Copy

or you can purchase the eBook for £9

buy eBook

I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I did working on the collection and I am really looking forward to seeing all your finished projects.

Happy Knitting,

jane burns

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