Magical Little Unicorn Knits, how can you resist?

One of the things I have been busy working on has been my new online shop which launched today. In this everchanging digital landscape I think it is important to have as much control over your content as you possibly can.

You will still be able to purchase patterns from my Ravelry store and also a selection through Love Crafts and Deramores, I hope you enjoy the new shop experience, please let me know if you have any difficulties using it.

One of the gems in my shop is my Little Unicorn Sweater. Full of lovely contrasts and magical touches to entertain and amuse. The main pieces are mostly worked in stocking stitch, and are trimmed with neat garter stitch edging at the hem, neckline and cuffs. The bright colours of the rainbow stripes are beautifully contrasted with the background grey and really standout as a result. Then there is the gorgeous unicorn poking his head up above the hem – he’s a delight and kids will adore him.

Designed to fit ages birth to approx 3 years.

little unicorn sweater jane burns knitslittle unicorn sweater jane burns knits

Pattern Information
Straight 3.25mm & 4mm
Circulars 3.25mm
DPN’s 3.25mm

Also Needed:
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers
6 (6: 6: 6: 6) clear glitter buttons (code 0848)
Oddment of Black DK yarn (used Scheepjes, Stone Washed, 803 Black Onyx
Small amount toy stuffing (optional)
White sewing thread and needle

Yarn used knits as DK to this tension 22 sts and 30 rows to measure 10 x 10cm (4x4in) over st st using 4mm needles.

Pattern Notes:
There are a lot of applique pieces on this little jumper, be sure to sew them on securely. Use white sewing thread to attach small pieces.

0-6m 6-12m 12-18m 18-24m 2-3y
TO FIT CHEST cm 41 46 51 53 56
in 16 18 20 21 22
ACTUAL CHEST cm 47 51 58 61 63
in 18.5 20 22.75 24 24.75
LENGTH cm 27 29 32 35 37
in 10.75 11.5 12.5 13.75 14.5
SLEEVE LENGTH cm 14.5 18 25 30 32
in 5.75 7 9.75 11.75 12.5
Yarn Scheepjes, Stone Washed (78% Cotton, 22% Acrylic) 130m per 50g
Yarn A 802 Smokey Quartz 2 3 3 4 4
Yarn B 823 Carnelian 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn C 833 Beryl 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn D 824 Turquoise 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn E 811 Deep Amethyst 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn F 816 Coral 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn G 801 Moonstone 1 1 1 1 1
Yarn H 820 Rose Quartz 1 1 1 1 1

Warning: Contains cute babies and snuggly yarn.

scheepjes, after party, jane burns, baby knits,

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Hello, It has been so long! My yarn filled adventures have kept me away from my blog for quite some time. There has been lots of designing, a tv appearance and house move (half way across the country) to keep … Continue reading

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Free Santa Hat Pattern for Oliver Bear

To celebrate the release of my Oliver Teddy Pattern (and the festive season of course) I have a little gift for you, Oliver’s very own Santa Hat.


Santa Hat for Oliver Teddy Bear



Scheepjes, Twinkle, Yarn (A) White 901; one 50g ball; 75% cotton, 25% polyester; 50g / 130m / 142 yds

Scheepjes, Stone Washed, Yarn (B) Red Jasper 807; one 10g ball; 78% cotton, 22% acrylic; 50g / 130m / 142 yds


3.25mm (US 3) needles for working in the round

Also Needed:

Stitch markers

Toy stuffing


26 sts x 36 rows = 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in) using 3.25mm needles and stocking stitch in the round.

Sizing Notes:

To Fit Oliver Teddy Bear

Pattern Notes:

You will need to purchase a copy of Oliver Teddy Pattern separately. If you prefer you can knit the Cuff and Bobble from a fluffy yarn, make sure it knits to the same tension though.


Start knitting here


Using Yarn A, cast on 54 sts, join into the round taking care not to twist. Place marker for beginning of round

Round 1: *k1, p1; rep from * to end

Round 2: *p1, k1; rep from * to end

Round 3: as round 1

Round 4: knit

Rounds 5-10: knit

Round 11: (k4, k2tog) nine times. 45 sts

Round 12-15: knit

Round 16: (k3, k2tog) nine times. 36 sts

Rounds 17-21: knit

Round 22: (k2, k2tog) nine times. 27 sts

Rounds 23-26: knit

Round 27: (k1, k2tog) nine times. 18 sts

Rounds 28-33: knit

Round 34: (k2tog) nine times. Nine sts

Round 35: (k2tog) four times, k1. Five sts

Leave a long tail, thread through rem five sts using a tapestry needle, pull tight to close and secure with stitches. Darn in ends.



Using Yarn A, cast on six sts.

Row 1: (kfb) six times. 12 sts

Row 2 and every alt row: purl

Row 3: k1, m1, (k2, m1) five times, k1. 18 sts

Row 5: k1, m1, (k3, m1) five times, k2. 24 sts

Rows 6-12: beg with a purl row, work in st st as set

Row 13: k1, k2tog, (k2, k2tog) five times, k1. 18 sts

Row 14: (p1, p2tog) six times. 12 sts

Row 15: (k2tog) six times. Six sts

Leave a long tail, thread through rem six sts using a tapestry needle, pull tight to close and secure with stitches. Sew side seam, stuffing as you go.  Sew to top of Hat.

You can find the pattern for Oliver here on Ravelry here…



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Oliver Teddy Bear Pattern – now available

Many years ago I designed a little bear for Let’s Knit Magazine, Oliver.  I have had so many requests for the pattern to be made available, I decided to give him a makeover and make some changes to the original construction.


Oliver 2.0 is knitted using the gorgeous Scheepjes, Stone Washed, with a slightly heathered effect, the yarn hides a multitude of sins. Worked in the round with minimal sewing up, what is not to love? Templates are provided for the felt pieces to take the guess work out.

To knit Oliver you will need to be able to knit in the round, either using DPN’s or magic loop.


Knit Kit:


Scheepjes, Stone Washed, Yarn (A) Smokey Quartz 802; one 50g ball; Yarn (B) Moonstone 801; one 10g ball (optional)


3.25mm (US 3) needles for working in the round

Also Needed:

Toy stuffing (safety)

Stitch markers

White felt

Grey felt

Oddment of black yarn

Grey sewing thread and needle


26sts x 36rows = 10cm x 10cm using 3.25mm needles and stocking stitch in the round.

Sizing Notes:

Sitting height: 18cm


If you prefer you can knit the soles of the feet in a contrasting yarn, see optional instruction in pattern.

You can find Oliver’s Santa Hat pattern (available for free) here.


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