Stylish beaded napkin rings

Threading loads of beads onto yarn for a beaded project is not my idea of fun, so “Beading Beautiful” is another of my patterns that use the crochet hook technique.

With a lovely dark yarn and contrasting shiny beads make contemporary stylish looking napkin rings, perfect for your festive table.

If you are not familiar with this beading technique there are some fantastic resources out there to get you started.  Laura Nelkin has a fantastic Craftsy course that teaches many ways to add beads to your knitting, even some that use dental floss!  I warn you though, if you enrol in this Craftsy class you will spend so much time looking for more and more projects you can add beads to, totally addictive!

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You can download Issue 87 of Let’s Knit Magazine here.

Festive Teddy Outfits

Bring your favourite Teddy into the seasonal festivities with either a Mr or Mrs Santa Claus outfit. Thinking of buy a Build a Bear toy this Christmas? These outfits are the perfect fit for their standard height characters.

They’re designed for an average sized teddy, but if your teddy is (ahem!) slightly larger tummy, some elastic webbing will accommodate the more, ahem, ‘rotund’ stuffed belly.

And if you dare treat a younger, less careful person with such a charming outfit, it’s also machine washable!

As always I would love to see your finished projects on my Facebook page

You can download Issue 87 of Let’s Knit Magazine here.

Do a runner this Christmas

We’re closer still to Christmas, so once you’re done creating your Halloween decorations you still have plenty of time to get hooking on this festive crochet table runner featured in issue 86 of Let’s Knit magazine.

“Christmas Feast” uses a cotton-blend yarn that has been plied with a thread of metallic silver, giving it a lovely holiday feel. Consisting of individual squares, it is a great pattern to suit any size (and shape) of table.

As always I would love to see your finished projects on my Facebook page

You can download Issue 86 of Let’s Knit Magazine here.

Good Enough to Eat, please don't though

It’s normal for Jane’s projects to be somewhat in advance of the seasons, so creating Christmas and winter designs in spring is, well, normal. This was the case when creating her latest designs in Let’s Knit issue 86.

But there are only 7 weeks to Christmas, and still we don’t have our central heating on! So, with our warm clothes still in the dark depths of the wardrobe, may I present to you in my long lost brummy accent…

Iiiiit’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaas!


“Home Sweet Home” Gingerbread house is ideal for your first winter project. A sweet and simple cable for the roof tops swiss-darned, stocking stitch walls. Fill with toy stuffing, and it’s a lovely decoration, but if you place some bagged rice inside it will make a stylish doorstop.

As always I would love to see your finished projects on my Facebook page

You can download Issue 86 of Let’s Knit Magazine here.

Happy Days – Now free to download

Typical – I post about the sun turning up, and I jinx the weather! We’ve been educating Katie in the joys of ‘Only Fools and Horses’, and I’ve been made to look like a right ‘Uncle Albert’, albeit a (much younger!) non-seafaring version.

So hopefully, some lovely bunting can brighten up your day indoors?  GOOD NEWS UPDATE – This pattern is now available to download for free from the lovely ladies at Let’s Knit Magazine.  Download your copy today and don’t forget to post pictures on my Facebook page, it makes me very happy 🙂


Happy Days

Since each flag only requires a small amount of yarn, this could be a great stash buster. It’s also a great project to try out intarsia colour-work for the first time. Varying stripes, plain and garter stitch adds some interesting texture that’s great for practicing your technique.

Happy Days Knitted bunting pattern, jane burns

This pattern features in Issue 81 of Let’s Knit magazine, along with Frill Seeker and Seaside Special, and is available to download straight away.

As always I would love to see your finished items on my Facebook Page!

Where the heart is

Another summer weekend, another summer festival, and as Jane and I enjoy watching ‘The Pixies’ live at T in the Park, we both have a sense of achievement.

Starburst Bracelet

Starburst Bracelet Advanced Loom skillz!

Firstly, I have completed my second loom band. The first basic, the second an ‘advanced’ Starburst Bracelet! Katie was relieved, I think I may have annoyed her with my failed attempts, but the final result was somewhat fantastic (I say so myself, and that’s all!).

Perhaps more importantly, Jane has responded to her fans and published one of her own patterns for sale.

Home is ‘Where the heart is‘, and so this lovely faux fair isle cushion cover will make a charming addition to anyone’s home

You can view it, along with a selection of other patterns in the shop which has links to Ravelry for purchasing.

Please have a ‘mooch’, and let us know if there are any other patterns Jane has created that you’d like to see available to buy.

As always, please also share your creations on her Facebook page, or via Twitter!

Flanders Fields, Get Knitting and support The Royal British Legion

In this months issue, Let’s Knit magazine is commemorating the 100th Anniversary of World War I by supporting The Royal British Legion. The cover mounted kit comes with two exclusive patterns created by Jane.

‘Flanders Fields’ is a vintage style tea cosy with a poppy motif. The pattern includes instructions for both intarsia or swiss-darning the motif.

Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields and Poppy Brooches

The second pattern uses the remaining yarn to create two poppies with which to make commemorative brooches.

With the hot weather it seems like November is far away, but it’s not too early to get prepared. Please do knit the patterns and perhaps sell them in support of The Royal British Legion.

Mother's Love, and other feelings

It seems that I’m not the only one impressed by Jane’s creative talents. This month’s Let’s Knit Magazine features three of Janes patterns, and one in particular has taken the fancy of  its editor, Sarah Neal!

“Mother’s Love” is an easy to knit headband, and Sarah has been so taken with it that further to modelling it with her own daughter, she’s made three of her own since 🙂

I don’t really need to say much more about it, other than to thank Sarah and her daughter for being such wonderful models. You can also read Sarah’s blog to find out how she got on with alternative yarns. Spoiler alert – one of her uses for the headband is for ‘bad hair days’. I have shoulder length hair so I experience this myself. However, I’ve been confused for a lady too often and I’m not sure wearing a headband would do much to disprove such first impressions. Although I do have a man-bag, but that’s not helping my cause is it?

Talking of bags (smoooooth!) Jane has another pattern in the same issue. “Felt Fantastic” uses Rico Creativ Filz and is machine-washed to transform your knitting into a sturdy, stylish fabric.

felted bag

Felt Fantastic

The science nerd in me loves the felting effect, and trying to make sure your design comes out to the right size involves some fun maths. The beauty of buying the magazine is you don’t have to worry about this so long as you check your tension gauge, something I’m absolutely certain every knitter does before every project with new yarn. Am I right? 😉

Issue 82 of Let’s Knit Magazine August 2014 is available to download here and please do remember to share your creations with us in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook

Seaside Special

Since the sun has decided to make a decent show of it this year, what better to protect a little-ones head than a cute nautical-style hat? It certainly wasn’t such appropriate weather when this knit was in the making.

Seaside Special

Seaside Special

“Seaside Special” was photographed at the same shoot as Katie’s debut, and also features in issue 81 of Let’s Knit Magazine [iTunes download]. Unfortunately we arrived too late to enjoy the company of this wonderful young lady. Of course, leave out the bow for those of a more masculine disposition 😉

Knitted in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, the natural fibres feel lovely, and being machine washable its practical too, with a beautiful range of shades to suit your child’s wardrobe.

Jane has also been enjoying mixing her needle crafts (I hear those gasps at the back!) and this hat starts with a… crochet chain! Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m saying, I just have a vague understanding that crochet and knitting is like… erm… gamers and sunshine; you don’t often find them together, and lovers of one are not usually lovers of the other.

And on that note, back to my cave I go. I’ve saved up from my birthday and Father’s Day so I can be ready for what we call ‘the Steam Summer Sale’, which is a bit like a Craftsy sale but less frequent.

And please – do post images of your knits to Jane’s Facebook page, or share links in the comments or on Twitter!

Father's Day

Jane is busy rattling away at her needles again, so I’m stepping up to remind you all that Father’s Day is on Sunday 15th June, and if you’re looking to knit something for that extra personal touch, it’s time to cast on!

It’s handy, then, that Jane’s tyre-tread inspired socks feature in the latest issue of Let’s Knit magazine (issue 80 June 2014).

Silverstone socks

Silverstone – tyre-tread inspired cable socks

I had the pleasure of trying these on in various degree’s of completeness, and they feel lovely.

Also featured is ‘Splendour’, a napkin ring and coaster mat created from the cover mount yarn kit, and the place mat features a cool picot cast off.

splendour napkin ring and place mat

Splendour napkin ring and place mat

And lastly – what better way to keep the small ones quite on the most important day of the year (did I mention it’s Father’s Day, June 15th?) than with a lovely soft bunny comforter, Flopsy

flopsy baby comforter

Flopsy baby comforter

This is a simple pattern using the lovely and soft James C Brett Cotton On DK which is a cotton/acrylic blend. We like bunnies in this house – although chocolate is more comforting to us. Jane used a much smaller needle size than DK gauge in order to create a tight stitch – all the better for protecting against sharp baby teeth, as she’s quoted in the magazine as

“babies can be more destructive than we think!”

And they should feel grateful they have Father’s Day to make amends!

(it’s on Sunday 15th June – too subtle?)

Thanks for the kind comments on the last post, it’s fun, and I hope you enjoy making up Jane’s patterns. And please, do share your photos, it’s great to see.