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Tempted by Tempo from Eden Cottage Yarns

I’ve been sitting here for a while now trying to find away to introduce Tempo 4ply from Eden Cottage Yarns and I am struggling!  Tempo 4ply is classic 75% wool / 25% nylon sock yarn.  Here is where it becomes difficult, I want to say it is the work horse of sock yarns, it is hard wearing and reliable, but I feel that sentence somehow takes away from it’s beauty.

Tempo feels a little coarser than Hayton or Titus 4ply when you knit with it, but once you wash it, it softens up a treat!  This yarn is a perfect example of working with good quality yarn, particularly the semi solid hand dyed yarns such as Tempo 4ply (I wrote a blog post all about it here).

Tempo 4ply in all its stunning muted tones and fantastic stitch definition will make your socks look amazing. I used Tempo in my Lazy Sunday Sock collection for Drift Away, the unisex design. I figured that the majority of guys might not be as appreciative of silk or cashmere blend socks yarn 😉

Tempo 4ply Compost

Tempo 4ply in Compost



drift away from lazy sunday socks jane burns

Drift Away, from Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks 

You can buy Tempo 4ply online from Eden Cottage Yarns  or if you are lucky enough to attending one of the shows, you can see the stunning array of shades in person.

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