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A video review of Lazy Sunday Socks by Suburban Stitcher Podcast

Hello my lovelies, a gentle ruffle of the hair to my regular readers and a genuine hello to any newbies.

I hope you getting plenty of quality time with your needles and that your Summer of Socks is starting to take shape.

I have been wanting to put together a video preview of Lazy Sunday Socks, and some Periscopes, but I must confess, my nerves have got the better of me.  Like so many knitters and knitting designers I am quite the introvert when it comes to talking about myself and my work and to be honest would much rather poke myself repeatedly in the eye with my stainless steel DPN’s than endure filming myself talking about my work. Luckily a little while ago the wonderfully generous Dianne, aka Suburban Stitcher kindly reviewed my Lazy Sunday Socks book over on her podcast.  This really is a thoughtful review by Dianne and I am so grateful to her for putting this together.

suburban stitcher podcast review lazy sunday socks

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