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Warning, contains graphic pictures of dreamy yarn

I wrote a short while ago about my love of semi solid hand dyed yarns from Eden Cottage Yarns (you can find that post here). Today I thought I would do a little yarn enabling and share my love of Titus 4ply with you

In our hectic lives knitting time is precious.  Those rare moments of self indulgent bliss where we get to create beautiful little masterpieces. Sometimes those masterpieces are destined for others in the form of gifts. But sometime if we are very lucky we get the time to knit for ourselves.

If you are looking for a yarn that screams luxury, then Titus 4ply is the one! Titus is a 75% merino wool, 25% silk blend, the silk content gives this yarn a beautiful subtle sheen. Not disco shiny, but just enough to whisper decadence.

I chose this yarn to be the cover star of Lazy Sunday Socks, the subtle muted tones and fantastic stitch definition paired with some pretty beads, make these socks utterly indulgent pieces of art, the ultimate in self pampering.

No Mind To Worry Socks Jane Burns Lazy Sunday


No Mind To Worry, from Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks 

You can buy Titus 4ply online from Eden Cottage Yarns  or if you are lucky enough to attending one of the shows listed below you can see the stunning array of shades in person.


Titus 4ply Storm (1)
Titus 4ply Wild Raspberry (1)
Wild Raspberry

Titus 4ply



You can find a list of shows that Eden Cottage Yarns will be vending at this year here Don’t to forget to sign up for the Eden Cottage Yarns newsletter and never miss out on an update.




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