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First look at Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks

I am so excited (and a little nervous) to finally be able to tell you about my first book, Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks. The book contains five indulgent beaded socks to knit, all made with the sublime yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns.

Lazy Sunday Knitted Socks by Jane Burns. Five simply indulgent beaded socks to knit.

Whether you are a new to this beading technique or already an expert, I have some treats for you. Socks have been my creative passion since 2009: they are the perfect size canvas for experimenting with pattern and texture, both for me as a designer and you as a knitter. In this collection of beaded knits, I have created patterns that really show off how beads accentuate lace, cables, eyelets and twisted stitches, as well as including instructions for my favourite method of beading – which also happens to be the simplest.

For me, adding beads to a design is an elegant way to give the knitting an extra embellishment that complements the shapes of the stitches and the tones of the yarn. You can choose to forgo the beads in these designs, but they are the cherry on a very delicious slice of cake. The book also includes a tutorial for the beading technique used (my personal favourite) which uses a small crochet hook to apply the beads as you knit.

I chose to use Eden Cottage yarns simply because of their beautiful colours. These muted shades come from a soothing, Sunday-perfect palette and the gorgeous yarn blends, with silk and cashmere, are a treat for the fingers – and soon for your toes.

The photography is by the incredible Kat Goldin and paints a lifestyle of pure indulgent knitting time, that no knitter can resist. The projects range from a very simple sock with a few beads and eyelets, which allow the knitter to gently ease themselves into the beading technique. Before working their way through a selection of other sock projects incorporating lace, cables and twisted stitches, all with beautiful beads to add that extra element of interest.

Music is my constant companion, sometimes as a joyful escape into the thrills of live gigs, but more often as the soundtrack to my creativity and relaxation. While I was designing these socks, I imagined the perfect lazy Sunday: taking a bit of time to unwind, listen to your favourite music, and do just as you please: exactly the kind of afternoon the Small Faces captured in their lyrics.

Lazy Sunday launches on 23rd and 24th April 2016 on the Eden Cottage stand at Wonderwool Wales.
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  • Huge cogratulations! I bet you are thrilled with the book now after all the hard work that went in to it. Are you going to be at Wonderwool for the launch? Xx


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