Beaded Hand Knit Socks, How does that work?

So you have seen the myriad of beautiful beaded shawls, but shawls aren’t your ‘thing’? You love knitting socks? But have you tried adding beads to your socks?

Ok, so at least a few of you have read that and thought, how can that work? Surely they will be uncomfortable in my shoes.

For me hand knitted socks fall into two categories, practical hard wearing socks and indulgent socks.  Beaded socks sit firmly in the latter category along with those cosy post bath socks and the intricate pieces of art for your feet.

Adding beads to your socks, particularly if you use the crochet hook method to apply them, is a quick and simple way to add that extra dimension of wow to your socks.  There are just a couple of things you should take into account when choosing to add beads.

Firstly, the yarn. I highly recommend using a good strong sock yarn, I would steer clear of the 100% wool sock yarns, but opt instead for a yarn with a nylon or silk blend, these add strength and hold the beads better.

Beads, good quality beads with a smooth lining, such as Debbie Abrahams or Matsuno sead beads. I wrote a blog post about how to choose the perfect beads for your socks, you can find that here.

Placement of the beads, think about where and when you will wear these socks. I have many pairs of beaded socks that I like to slip on for some luxury lounging time. You know those times, just out of the bath, curled up with your knitting, kicking back, listening to some music and looking at your pretty feet (or is that just me?) For these socks pretty much anything goes! Place those beads where your heart desires, but avoid the heel and of course the sole!

Twisted Love Knitted Socks Jane Burns

Twisted Love Sock Pattern 

If you plan to where your beaded socks with your shoes, keep the beading to the leg and the instep.

Bead knit Christmas tree socks Jane burns

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Happy Knitting,

jane burns

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