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Pringle Tube to Knitted Desk Tidy, why not?

I am always looking for new ways to yarn bomb my work space.  I had seen lots of faux knitted home wares in the shops but nothing was quite right.  So I made my own, with the help of some empty Pringle tins!  What makes these extremely practical is that you can pop the covers off and wash them.  (Let’s just say I am a little accident prone, enough said)

These cute storage tins are a great way to practice your skills and maybe try a new one!  The checked jar is created by slipping stitches, this means you are only ever working with one colour per row, awesome!


Hot Desk knitted storage jars jane burns


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  • Hayley

    Hi. These look brilliant and as a newbie knitter would be great to practice some skills and make something gorgeous. Is there a pattern available for these?


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