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Mother's Love, and other feelings

It seems that I’m not the only one impressed by Jane’s creative talents. This month’s Let’s Knit Magazine features three of Janes patterns, and one in particular has taken the fancy of  its editor, Sarah Neal!

“Mother’s Love” is an easy to knit headband, and Sarah has been so taken with it that further to modelling it with her own daughter, she’s made three of her own since 🙂

I don’t really need to say much more about it, other than to thank Sarah and her daughter for being such wonderful models. You can also read Sarah’s blog to find out how she got on with alternative yarns. Spoiler alert – one of her uses for the headband is for ‘bad hair days’. I have shoulder length hair so I experience this myself. However, I’ve been confused for a lady too often and I’m not sure wearing a headband would do much to disprove such first impressions. Although I do have a man-bag, but that’s not helping my cause is it?

Talking of bags (smoooooth!) Jane has another pattern in the same issue. “Felt Fantastic” uses Rico Creativ Filz and is machine-washed to transform your knitting into a sturdy, stylish fabric.

felted bag
Felt Fantastic

The science nerd in me loves the felting effect, and trying to make sure your design comes out to the right size involves some fun maths. The beauty of buying the magazine is you don’t have to worry about this so long as you check your tension gauge, something I’m absolutely certain every knitter does before every project with new yarn. Am I right? 😉

Issue 82 of Let’s Knit Magazine August 2014 is available to download here and please do remember to share your creations with us in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook

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