Dear Point Protectors

Dear Point Protectors

Just because you are a rarely used item of my extensive knitting paraphernalia stash it does not give you the right vanish when I NEED you!

You lay around in the draw looking aloof, making suggestions that you might be better off being re-homed, perhaps, placed in the loving care of a knitter who uses point protectors.  I have told you that the life of a point protector is not all that.  Sometimes you are separated from your significant other for years, one of you left on an abandoned WIP.  Sometimes never being reunited with your mate.  But still you sigh when I open the draw.

I think it was a cruel and dangerous game you played today, hiding from me in plain sight.  You think you are smart,  but smart point protectors would know that playing such games whilst I am premenstrual was a truly silly move.

If you are not a perfect fit for the double pointed needle I wish to turn into a straight needle, you will find yourselves keeping the bamboo dpn’s company in the garage!

Yours, miffed!

point protectors

Time for one of my top tips

I often find myself knitting very small pieces of fabric.  I love my Hiya Hiya steel needles, but sadly they do not make a ‘straight’ version.  Usually I knit using the dpn’s as a pair of straights, but sometimes you need to stop the fabric sliding off the other end.  If you can find them I suggest slipping a point protector on one end. If like me you can’t find them, try blu- tac or snug fitting beads.  If you are feeling creative you can make your own pretty stoppers using polymer clay such as Fimo or Sculpey.  There is a tutorial here if you fancy checking it out.

knitting needle stoppers

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  • lol! I keep meaning to get some of these point protectors for my dpns and just keep forgetting. I should just make some as you suggest!

    • I am a bit more chilled today and the point protectors are working like a dream 🙂


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