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Up to my Yarnpits


I am glad you have been enjoying Mr Knitting Image’s posts,  he has done a great job of keeping my blog up to date whilst I have been buried upto my yarnpits in commissions.  This is most definitely my busiest time of year,  I am currently working on Halloween and Christmas,  yes I said it, Christmas!

The house is filled with yarn, the post man is looking more and more amused every time I see him.  In fact this week he asked what I do for a living.  His response was to giggle and ask, ‘really?’

I am bursting to share my recently completed projects with you.  I always want to post pictures of my creations as soon as they are finished and say, ‘look what I made’.  Let’s just say patience is a virtue with which I was not blessed.  Odd really considering the hours I devote to watching my creations grow from yarn and needles.

But here is something I can share today,  Bunny Hop

bunny hop slippers jane burns


Featured in Simply Knitting Magazine, issue 212. These cute little slippers are really quick and easy to make and will delight any small child (and large ones too).  They are worked in Peter Pan, Merino Baby DK, in garter stitch and could easily be adapted to fit larger feet by lengthening the sole.  The pattern is written for age 6-18 months.


You can download issue 121 of Simply Knitting magazine here and cast on straight away.  I would just love to see your finished creations on my Facebook page.

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  • Anonymous

    Love the slippers -x-

  • It’s the same here – loads of Christmas stuff and an ever growing number of yarn boxes – I had another delivered today and it’s still sitting in the hall! Love ‘up to my yarnpits’ , wish I’d thought of that. I’m too busy to blog at the moment but I can’t trust my husband to write in my stead just yet. Xx

    • Doug’s posts have been very popular, he keeps mentioning starting his own blog. Before we know it there will be a support group for husbands of knitters 😉 I hope you are finding time for non-knitting related fun! Xx


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