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Mr KnittingImage makes his debut post

I know my wife so well I thought I may get away with writing this while pretending to be her, but it occurred to both of us that there was no point – so I’m guest writing this while Jane is busy keeping up with her deadlines – as well as making her presence known on Yarn Shop Day, but more on that in the coming days.

I’m always extremely proud to see her work in national magazines, and more so when her work is on the front cover, as in this months Simply Knitting issue 120 (the owl, top right!).

Simply Knitting Issue 120 May2014
Simply Knitting Issue 120 May 2014

The magazine features 3 creations:

Monster is a funky cover for your chosen brand of tissue. It’s made from simple parts sewn together, so is a great project for beginners. Googly eyes help with the oddball look, and the eyebrows can be arranged to create something as either crazy or intimidating as you wish :).

Pyjama Party owl is a pyjama case. I suppose it would be aimed at kids, but I prefer to think it’s for those of us young at heart. It features a cool stitch technique for creating the honeycomb pattern, and I’ve already seen knitters apply their own creative flair and use alternate colours to wonderful effect.

Finally Flying High, a relaxing mobile that’s sure to calm those still learning to find their voice when they should be sleeping – not that I’m scarred from fatherhood! It was great watching these simple balloon shapes come together, and piecing them together will be a joy for showing off your crafting skills.

First post complete – I think it’s time I make another cup of tea (knitters fuel) before getting back to writing code… well… it’s a Bank Holiday, perhaps I’ll get back to my gaming!

Until next time, stitch on and don’t forget to post your creations online and give Jane a shout on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, we love to see them!

10 thoughts on “Mr KnittingImage makes his debut post

    • It is amazing just how much he knows about knitting (for a non knitter). I suspect I must talk about my craft quite a lot!

  • Holly

    I would love a copy of the hot air balloon mobile. It is absolutely adorable. How do I purchase it or find it? Thank you.

    • Hi Holly, the pattern will be available in my Ravelry store in the next few weeks, I am glad you like it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hello Jane just wondering when the owl pattern will be ready still unable to find it Thankyou

  • Nora

    Your Hot Air Balloon Mobile is adorable. I was wondering when you were going to have the pattern available? I checked your Ravelry store, but only saw the Owl pattern. Thank You!!

  • Sue Marriner

    I’m just knitting your Monster tissue box cover- can you tell me which tissues this fits as I havent found any that size?
    Many thanks


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