Dealing with the Craftermath

This week I read an essay by Franklin Habit titled ‘Lost in Space’.  He talks about how he can never find a tape measure despite owning A LOT of tape measures. I won’t go into too many details about the essay as you really should pop over here and take a look for yourself. Franklin is guaranteed to make you smile and shout ‘me too!’

So why am I telling you this? Great question 😉

At the weekend I bit the bullet so to speak and finally replaced my workspace in the den. My small computer station with pull out glass side table was simply not up the job anymore. Well to be more accurate, it wasn’t large enough to house the sheer amount of projects I have on the go at any one time. My draw space was limited and needles and notions were spilling out all over the place. In an attempt to cut down on the amount of time spent looking for missing scissors, tape measures, cable needles, stitch markers etc organisation had to be found.

As I sorted all of my notions and placed them logically into their new homes, I came across my very first knitting bag. I use the term bag loosely, measuring 15cm it is a mere purse! This is where I kept my knitting notions in the early days. A kilt pin for a make shift stitch holder, an earring as a stitch marker, crochet hook, darning needle and pin. A plastic darning needle for the days I couldn’t trust myself with a sharp one. And a couple of spare eyes, what else does a knitter need? Oh yes, scissors and a tape measure, they are as you would expect – lost!

beg knitting purse

Today my knitting paraphernalia is quite different. There are literally draws full of needles, hooks and notions and for a short while they are all nicely sorted into sizes.

circular needle storage

Plastic wallets inside suspension folders make great storage for Circular needles

dpn storage

Double pointed needles draw

hooks storage

Hooks and clock mechanisms, as you do!

notions draw

 Next time I want a pompom maker, I might actually be able to find one!


One thing baffled me as I sorted through my double pointed needles, why oh why do I have so many 4.5mm dpn’s? I rarely find myself having to go up a size to get gauge, I can only conclude that the 4mm needles have got a little wider round the middle, just like myself!

So tell me, what is the strangest item in your knitting kit?



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  • … holy crap I need to sort out my knitting area. Those little bags to hold the DPNS would be really useful. I don’t really have anything strange as such in my knitting draw except about 4 stitch holders that my mam gave me, from an old project she was making. The essay though, that happened to me the other night as I was weaving in ends. I HAD the tapestry needle and then all of a sudden I hadn’t. I found it in the morning though.


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