Waltham Abbey Wool Show, see what you missed!

Today we got up super early,  8.30am on a Sunday is just unheard of for us.  ‘Why?’ I hear you ask.  Well I had been looking forward to the Waltham Abbey Wool Show since I first read about it back in October.  Doug suggested that we head off bright and early to get there before the crowds.

Being a new show I wondered how well attended it might be and I was stunned by just how many people were there when I arrived at 10.15.  One large hall was home to a wonderful array of stands; designers and traders stood side by side, it was a lovely atmosphere.  Obviously no yarn show is complete until you have encountered at least one ‘mature’ lady muttering, the words ‘manners,  *?!@, again, never, born’.

The Crochet Chain had obviously taken lessons from Black Sheep Wools and were selling full packs of much sought after yarns at greatly reduced prices.  Any of you who have encountered the Black Sheep Wools yarn-dive phenomena will know it is basically a scrum of ‘ladies’ diving into piles of yarn, elbows and handbags flying,  emerging some time later,  slightly dishevelled but beaming with joy at their ‘winnings’.

Some of the exhibitors….


Water Colours & Lace

woolly chic

Woolly Chic

sheeps fleece

The Sheep’s Fleece

never to young


(Youngest Yarn Addict Ever?)

jane crowfoot

My Favourite, Jane Crowfoot (Janie Crow)

Jane’s stand is always so colourful and inviting, and her ability to remember everyone she meets is very impressive.


Sparkle Duck

(I spent most of my money here today)

jan horrox

Jan Horrox

(This was by far Katie’s favourite stand today)


Spinning Demonstration


Beautiful kits from Knitola

jeanette sloan

Designs by Jeanette Sloan

So what did I buy today?


 Socka – Hand dyed sock yarn from Sparkle Duck,  Who Needs Chocolate?


Spirit  – Hand dyed sock yarn from Sparkle Duck, Neptune


Debonnaire Lace weight yarn, I can not get the camera to do this yarn justice.  The nylon shimmer thread gives the yarn and very delicate shimmer as it catches the light, yet it is still beautifully soft.


Linen Thread – natural flax wet-spun, 5-ply.  I am looking forward to swatching with this unusual fibre, both knitting and crochet.

As always the best part of any yarnie day out is catching up with old friends and meeting new.  It was really great to meet Jane Lithgow (Jane’s Probably Knitting), I have been a massive fan of Jane’s work since she designed the awesome ‘Cranford Mitts’ (I must confess I have knitted more than one pair).  Check them out and make a difference. The pattern is now offered in return for an optional donation based on the hours of pleasure this pattern has given you and as an awareness raiser for the p/hop campaign in aid of Medecins Sans Frontiers.

I really hope that show returns again next year and more of you get to check it out for yourselves.

Finally,  my ‘legless’ sheep (I don’t like to be judgemental but it was before 11am, far too early to be in such a way).


0 thoughts on “Waltham Abbey Wool Show, see what you missed!

  • I’m so jealous. I couldn’t go as I was working today. Maybe next year.

    • I hope you get to go next year, great way to brighten up January 🙂

  • Thanks so much Jane. What a wonderful show , really nice vibe and great way to start off the new year. Have fun with your yarn! Best, Erica ( debonnaire)

    • I really wish I could my photo to do your yarn justice, I am considering selling my designs at the show next year 🙂

  • We had an excellent day and took advantage of the afternoon tea – yum!

    • My one regret was not seeing the hat contest, I am looking forward to next year 🙂

  • Thank you ever so much for this excellent review and beautiful photos that capture the wonderful atmosphere on the day. So glad you had such a great day and are pleased with all your new yarn. It was a lot of hard work organising our first ever wool show event, but hearing all the feedback on the day, plus social media comments, emails and reviews has made it all worthwhile. We have been completely overwhelmed by the support we received and 550 people attending was way beyond our expectations!
    Waltham Abbey Wool Show Organisers Diana Bensted (The Crochet Chain wool shop) and Kate Towerzey (AboutMyArea EN9 Community Website).

  • Lovely blog shame you missed the hat contest my chicken would have loved to meet you. Maybe next year


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