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Sometimes I can be so daft!

You may have come to realise that sometimes I can be a bit, well, daft!  One of those moments came when I was working on my jewellery display project for Let’s Get Crafting.  I had taken the frame apart, removed the back board and attached the knitted piece to the back board.  When it came to reassemble the frame I could not get the back on with the glass in place.  What was I thinking?  With the glass in place the frame would be next to useless; pretty, but useless!

All my projects featured in this issue have a ‘get organised’ theme,  now where did I put my tape measure?…..


jewellery display frame knitted jane burns

So if you are looking for a crafty new way to store your trinkets, why not make one of these pretty little frames.  The frame was an absolute bargain from Ikea, only £4.  Knit the fabric and sew in place around the back board, simple, elegant storage.

Also in this issue of Let’s Get Crafting, I designed some stacking crochet boxes with lids.

crochet stacking boxes

And last but not least,  a little crochet flower garter, to add a crafty touch to a jar.

jar garter

One of the great things about Let’s Get Crafting is you can make all three of the projects above from just one packet of yarn supplied with the magazine!

My favourite project in this issue is by Lynne Rowe,  her Space Invader Wrist Rest would look very much at home on my desk.  I am such a sucker for a geeky knitting project.

lynne rowe space invader wrist rest

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