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It's me, pinch me!

I have been bursting at the seams to share this with you all,  after many years of reading Simply Knitting and dreaming of being the interviewed designer,  it happened they asked me!  Last night was spent repeatedly showing the magazine page to Doug and Katie and saying ‘that’s me’.  Feels like a total pinch me moment.

sk on the needles jane burns

If you would like to read about my knitting hero, my funniest knitting story or who I would like to play me in a film of my life get your hands on a copy.  Of course I had far more to say than there was room to print,  I can be quite the chatterbox.  One of the questions that did not make it to print included a thank you to a couple of people so I will post it here:

What is your advice to knitters who are just beginning?

Find yourself a Knitting group. I learned so much at knitting group, two people stand out to me as my knitting mentors,  my dearest friend and knitty buddy Angela.  She is my inspiration,  she is the most talented designer and a walking knitting Wikipedia.  Secondly a lady called Gill, who taught me to knit socks,  socks were my first knitting love and Gill encouraged me and made it look so easy.  Thank you to you both.

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  • Theresa Dowsett

    Congratulations can’t wait to read the article

    • Thank you Judith, it is an awesome feeling of achievement 🙂


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