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Introducing Rowena & How to sew on kilt buckles tutorial

Rowena, this pretty cable Kilt cape is a delight to knit, worked in Rowan All Seasons Chunky yarn, it knits up super quick.  With its kilt strap fastening it is very on trend this season.  Rowena appears in issue 75 of Let’s Knit magazine which goes on sale on 20th December. You can download the magazine here via the Let’s Knit App.

chunky cable and lace cape

This step by step tutorial will help you prepare your kilt strap for sewing onto your cape.

You will need:

  • Pair of kilt straps
  • Sharp tapestry needle
  • ruler
  • work surface protector

step one kilt strap tutorial

Step one:

Mark a line 5mm in from edge of strap on the reverse side as shown above

step two kilt strap tutorial

Step Two:

Place the strap on a blocking board or similar to protect your work surface.  Use a very sharp tapestry needle to pierce a hole through strap, space the holes approximately 5mm apart

step three kilt strap tutorial

Step Three:

Continue piercing holes approximately 5mm apart as shown above

step five kilt strap tutorial

Step four:

Turn strap over, push the needle through the existing hole from the front to the back, for a nice neat hole

All Ready for sewing onto your cape

step six kilt strap tutorial

kilt strap close up

Looking fabulous!

chunky cape

Team Rowena with evening wear for that ‘Princess’ look or jeans and boots for that snuggly dash around the shops!

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