Rudolphitis, Robin hats and a funny picture, it's Friday

Hello!  I hope you have been keeping well and avoiding the lurgy.  It seems that everyone I know has been poorly. There appears to be a virus sweeping the world that makes it’s victims look like Rudolph.  This particular strain of, lets call it ‘Rudolphitis’ never seems to go away! No sooner have you packed away the cold meds and ventured back out into the world, it seems to strike again. Once again turning you into a festive looking, pj wearing cave dweller. Anyway, less of my moaning…

I trust that your Christmas crafting is well underway and that you are enjoying the process of creating gifts or decorations. I have been crocheting purple snowflakes in my spare time (I really should take some pictures and share them).

I have been busy working on a couple of new designs for my Ravelry shop.  The Robin hat pattern comes with options for different ‘top hats’ and earflap styles.  The pattern is sized up to 10 years old.  There has been lots of playing with the photography and I thought as I was putting the finishing touches to the pattern I would share this fun picture with you.

rockin robin earflap hat

The pattern will be available in the next couple of days in my Ravelry store, so watch this space for more details.

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