6 Frightfully Fun Halloween Knitting Projects eBook

I have finally done it! After many hours of sweating the small stuff and deliberating over how best to approach it. I have taken the plunge and self published my first eBook.

As the title suggests it is a collection of six Halloween themed patterns, each pattern is super fast to complete and will add that extra touch of fun to your celebrations. It is available for insant download for the bargain price of £3 from Ravelry, Craftsy or Etsy.

6 frightfully fun halloween knitting projects

Projects included are:

kntited spider headband

Spider Headband

knitted ghost toy

Bouncy Ghost Toy

Knitted eyeballs

Eyeballs Out

knitted striped wristband

Spooky Wristband

knitted trick or treat bowl

Trick or Treat Bowl

knitted black cat ears hair clips

‘Black Cat Ears’ hair clips

Katie is most put out that she is not featured in the images for the eBook.  I should point out in my defense that Katie’s images are used in ‘Eye’s Out’ which is available as an individual download pattern.  I feel all my ‘Tween’ needs here is to be holding a mug shot board!  She can do a great line in looking menacing,  I shall be sleeping with one eye open!

eyes out knitted eyeballs


I would love to see pictures of your creations, please post them on Ravelry or my Facebook page.

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