WTF, what next?

Sometimes, just sometimes I take things a little too personally. I have been working on a large project for a magazine. Chunky yarn and a lot of stitches (by chunky knit standards). Picture this….182sts on my needles, I have worked 54 heavy going rows when things suddenly felt very light!


The cable had come away from the locking mechanism.

I thought at first it had come unscrewed, but no, a clean break! I sat for a while perfectly still, as the weight of the project pulled lots of stitches into my lap, unravelling as they went, me chanting ‘oh no, Oh No, OH NO!********** What next?’

Thank goodness for lifelines, see previous post Bleedin’ yarn.

*********** for the purposes of decency, let’s just say what followed wasn’t, gosh, darn this, one is mildly irate.

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