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101 year old Crochet Book, take a look inside…

I love to scour the shelves of those really old book shops in search of rare and interesting knitting and crochet books.  This weekend I found a beauty!  It is not in wonderful condition but that ‘lived in look’ adds to its charm.   This edition was published in 1912 and is now officially the oldest item in my house!


The crochet is exquisite and the photography is admiral considering the date.  But what had me totally enthralled is the advertisements!  Which I just had to share with you.




Fancy a look through the book?  I have managed to find a PDF version which you can download for FREE!  The Antique Pattern Library provides scans of craft books that are now in the public domain, they have an impressive selection of beautiful old titles. Be prepared to lose yourself there!

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